8 simple steps to Avoid Dental Fillings.


We all know that having your teeth fixed at the Dentist is a costly procedure. Not to mention the pain that you go through when you break a tooth or worse when your tooth goes bad.

So what can you do to reduce the chance of your teeth going bad and avoiding avoidable expenditures?

Here are some tips to help you look after your teeth.

1. Brush at least twice a day. 


The best time to brush teeth is in the morning when you wake up and just before you go to bed at night. Many studies show that electric tooth brushes reduce the chance of decay and gum disease more than manual tooth brush. So choose an electric toothbrush with a small head for better access to back teeth with soft bristles so it’s kinder on your gums.

2. Brush thoroughly.


Brush your teeth for two to three minutes. To make it easier there are now apps that help you time and provide entertainment while you brush,, otherwise just put on your favourite song and brush and dance at the same time.

3. Use fluoridated toothpaste. 


Fluoride helps to harden tooth enamel and reduces your risk of decay. Nearly all toothpastes now are fluoridated.

4. Floss daily.


No we are not talking about the dance here. Floss can remove food stuck between your teeth so you don’t feed those hungry bacteria in your mouth which break down your teeth.

5. Limit acidic drinks like soft drinks and fruit juices and Limit sugary foods. 

Acidic food and drinks  soften tooth material and dissolve the minerals in the tooth causing holes and decay.  Sugar is food for bacterias in dental plaque which turns sugar into acid. See the link here?

6. Protect your teeth from injury.


Many of us have been there and done that. You turn up to a game and through no fault of your own you have an accident and next thing you know you have broken a tooth or worse you have knocked your tooth. Sounds like a nightmare right? Well it doesn’t have to be?  Have a mouth guard made to protect your teeth from breaking and avoid pain. Can save yourself some money too.

7. Avoid using your teeth for anything other than chewing food.


If you use them to crack nuts, remove bottle tops or rip open packaging, then don’t be surprised when your teeth start to break and form cracks. You have tools for those things, so start using them!

8. See your dentist for regular check-ups.

This one is a must. Visit your dentist for a through check up at least twice a year. Just because you’re not in pain doesn’t mean that your teeth are fine. In fact, many problems are painless when they start and they start the hurt when the problem is big or worse un-resolvable.



Let us know if there is anything else you would like us to cover.