What does it take to be successful in Dentistry? - 'Dental Success Stories' Book Review

Want to be successful in Dentistry?

Now if you're anything like me, you're probably ambitious and want to succeed in the world of dentistry. You may have plans to create your own business and make your own mark in this field. I'm a true believer that impossible is nothing and you will truly achieve whatever you put your mind and soul into. But that being said, it is always wise to learn from the Journey of those who have also succeeded in the past.

Enter ‘Dental success stories’.


This book that was given to me by a friend and I thought it was a perfect opportunity to combine the life lessons that these clinician have told within this book, so you can get an understanding for what concludes success. I must urge you to get this book and read the full stories as I'm sure it will encourage you as much as a has motivated me.


There are many households names in this book, many clinicians of which we have heard of and actually we are friends with. Combining they're experience and stories may provide an answer to what is success and their top tips for Success.

I have took the liberty to summarise some key points to what is success and their top tips for Success.

What is Success?

  1. Success is a measure of personal happiness and ability to be able to sleep at night stress-free knowing that you have achieved something great.

  2. Success is managing to get a good work and life balance whilst making a difference in people's life in a good way.

  3. Success is when you love what you do everyday.

  4. Success is knowing your values and sticking to them, and knowing that you've done your best with every opportunity that has come your way

  5. Success is freedom... Freedom from financial pressure and time constraints.

  6. Happiness comes from within, and true internal happiness is success.

  7. Success is to maximize and live up to your potential

  8. Success is not competing with anyone else but only with yourself. If you aim to beat the quality of work of yourself from yesterday you will improve everyday

  9. Success is a making a difference in the profession and creating more passion for the younger generation.

  10. Success is being yourself. No one in the world is you. You are truly unique.

Top tips for Success?

  1. Be patient

  2. Be persistent

  3. Treat others as you like to be treated ( treat your patients as if it was your mouth that you are treating)

  4. Recognise and every human being you meet another person just like you who loves and laughed and has feelings, so treat them with respect and let their voice be heard.

  5. Being positive and be curious

  6. Love your team and look after them as if they were your family.

  7. Communication is key not just in dentistry but in life. So improve your communication.

  8. Improve your time management. This is critical for Success.

  9. Never ever stop learning. You are your biggest investment and asset.

  10. Set yourself clear goals and write them down so you are held accountable for them. Then planned for it and work for it.

Dentistry is a competitive field. But I think the most beautiful thing in any profession is the ability to be able to help others without expecting anything back. Now that is rare in this day and age.

I wish you all the best of luck in the future, and I truly am happy to help anyone who needs it within my capabilities.

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**Credit: Massive Thanks to Dr Shakir and Nafisa Mughal for publishing this book.